Ctrlz's Guide To Common Theories

I picked this up at lost-forum.com. Hopefully it will prove beneficial when creating theories of your own or help in analyzing someone else's theory. If not...well it's a short read.

1. They are all dead.
Corollary: They are in Purgatory.

Status: Theory discredited many times over by show's creative team

2. They are in a "time warp"
Corollaries: many variations including the island is from the distant future or distant past, the flashbacks show future events, etc.

Status: The creative team has confirmed that the episodes on the island happen in real time from the point of the crash. That does not pinpoint when the plane crashed, nor does it say anything about what the islanders dream or see in flashbacks. But the characters do not "time travel" per se.

3. Spaceships or space aliens influence the show

Status: No spaceships or space aliens are involved as per the creative team.

4. The show is someone's dreams or imaginings

Status: No. They are really on the island.

5. The island is not an island

Status: Maybe. We may never know the answer to this.

6. The plane crash didn't happen
Corollary: The crash was faked or it happened differently.

Status: Unresolved

7. The survivors are being manipulated as part of a Grand Experiment or con

Status: Unresolved

8. The Numbers are (fill in here)

Status: Unresolved

9. The creators have no idea where this show is going

Status: They say they do. They even know how it will end

---It was just like Romeo and Juliet, just it ended in tragedy. —Milhouse

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