Mr. Eko seems to be very religious or have a deep ethical view of life. When he finds a Bible in the Talie "Hatch", he eyes it in a peculiar way. Also, he fed a man that was believed to be an "Other" when Ana Lucia caged him. When he is attacked by "Others", he is forced to protect himself and kills them. During the following forty days he takes a vow of silence, most likely in retrubution of his wrongdoing.

After Mr. Eko had killed three "Others", he was seen carving a long stick.1 Here's my take at what he is carving:

Line 1:
He... or tally marks

Line 1:
I will.../I shall...

Line 1:
Lord F/E...

What religion is Eko? My guess is he's either Muslim or Christian due to the choice of 40 days. Perhaps he is carving a pslam?...Psalm 23?

---1Image was edited to more clearly see the writing by badvibes.

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