Just something I read in an Oceanic-Air Inflight Magazine:

During the November sweeps, you will not only be seeing the death of a major character, the tragedy will lead into one of the most unusual and compelling hours we have yet to produce. We won't spoil too much, but let's just say that the intense inside story of the tailies and their trials on the island will be told in a way that will surprise you - and those of you who have gotten used to "Lost's" method of telling stories in the present with flashbacks to the past are going to be thrown for what we hope is a fantastic thrill-ride of a loop on this one.

Will we be seeing flashforwards?

---A few affiliates (Lost: The Games, The Losties) have recently been added and there are more to come. Special thanks to Lost: The Games for a complete version of "You All Everybody!" which is now set as the background music and for placing a giant banner for the The Lost Fan Blog on their site.

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