The Bad Twin

The Bad Twin...No it's not Ashley Olsen. It's a new "Lost" tie-in book. Sort of.

Can you have product-placement for a product that doesn't exist? ABC thinks so. In an eerie synergy, scribes for ABC's "Lost" will soon be writing a subplot about a character named Gary Troup who didn't survive the crash but left behind a manuscript he was working on....

Lost obviously has a large fanbase, filled with fairly loyal people. How do you sell things to these people? One way is to offer odd and unique tie in books – like a novel written by one of the passengers on Oceanic 815.

Except that the guy died. Sometime next year the unfinished manuscript by passenger Gary Troup (quick – to the name dictionary and the anagram decoder!) will figure into a plotline. Here in the real world the concept will be that Troup delivered this unfinished manuscript to Hyperion Publishing and a “well known mystery writer” was called in to finish it off (I imagine the as-yet unnamed writer is the person penning the whole thing).

What’s the name of the book? Hold on to your hats, Losties – it’s called The Bad Twin. It’s about a wealthy heir who hires a PI to find his nasty brother. Twins have been something Lost fans have been thinking a lot about lately, thanks to cryptic clues by the showrunners. Looks like this is yet another cryptic clue.

What people are thinking...

What's next, a Driveshaft album?

What I am thinking...

We'll have to wait and see if this rumor holds true. If anyone has any anagrams for Gary Troup, feel free to post them.

Posted byNick at 5:54 PM

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selphiealmasy8 said... 3:06 PM  

How about the "bad twin" is played by none other than.... Ian Somerhalder.

A wealthy heir sounds kind of like Boone Carlyle, who was rich. Maybe they'll bring Ian back on board as the bad twin. Then he can kick Locke's butt for sending his sibling to his death.

Nick said... 2:49 PM  

Good idea! That definately sounds like it could happen.

Tiffany said... 10:20 AM  

Most obvious anagram for Gary Troup: purgatory. He did die.

Nick said... 2:49 PM  

Clever thinking!

Nick said... 2:51 PM  

Also, I heard that the person who is supposed to be Gary Troup on the island is the guy that was sucked up in the turbine at the start of Season One.

cstobinski said... 10:52 PM  

Gary Troup is an anagram for PURGATORY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Squealing like a little girl right now.

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