If you have watched last week's episode, "Orientation", then there is no doubt you remember the "Orientation" video Jack and Locke watched. In the video they showed the following image and said something about "Danish Industrialist Alvar Hanso" and "Utopian Sciences". Here is the image:

Apparently, a Norwegian website located the actual location of the building in question. I don't know the English translation for it however.:

They also went on to speculate that the fictional founder of "The Hanso Foundation" is the father of Ivar Morten Normark, soccer trainer. However, I can't quite understand why due to the language barrier. If someone could translate the page somehow or explain to me what it says in full the website is here. You can leave a comment with the information.

I titled this post Dagbladet! because that's the name of the Norwegian webpage. I'm taking my chances that it isn't a derogatory word.

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