Hatch: He Ate The Charred Hotdog

More "Hatch clues" have come my way leaving me with the amazement that no one knows what's in the hatch. But first, we should recognize what the "hatch" is...


Well, atleast that is what it is labeled as. Scouring the internet I have come across a screen capture from "Lost". This shows the bottom of the Hatch cover containing subdued magenta lettering of the word "Quarantine".

Those are the facts which open a door of thought. Was the hatch a quarantine for whatever Danielle meant when she spoke of "carriers" and "sickness"? Are the "numbers" the sickness? Something that's really interesting is that quarantine lasts 40 days. Where have you heard that before?

Although these theories are uncertain, what exactly is in the hatch is surpassingly uncertain. Atleast we have been left with an ever-growing number of clues:

1) It's something you've never seen before.

2) (In a way) it's something you see every day and are probably seeing right now.

3) It begins and ends with the same letter.

4) Some of you were there this morning.

5) The word that begins and ends with the same letter is not a plural, and it is not SOULS or WINDOW.

6) One of the castaways has already seen this thing before.

7) The others might have as well, but I know for sure that one of them, one of the MAAAAIIIIN ones, has seen it before.

8) Jack's dad is not in the hatch, at least, not that I know of.

9) This thing in the Hatch can be called by two different words:

10) One is three letters and starts and ends with two letters that are right next to each other in the alphabet. The other is seven letters long and starts and ends with the same letter.

11) If you think a "reporter" is in the hatch, you may not be too far off.

12) It begins with a ‘D’.

Whoo! That is one huge list. I'm just going to throw this out for discussion on the boards and in comments.

Click here for a funny "Hitchhiker's Guide..."-style "Lost" script.
EDIT 9-15-05: Added 12th spoiler.

Posted byNick at 3:21 PM

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Anonymous said... 1:26 PM  

I'm taking a detour from the subject at hand, but has anyone else considered the possibility that Danielle injected Sayid with a vaccine to the virus she believes took her team? I've looked high and low and have seen no one else mention this. Just a random thought I had...

Nick said... 2:50 PM  

I saw your post in the forum and I think it's a possibility. But how she would know what would cause immunity to this "sickness" leaves to be answered.

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