A Hatch-22 Situation

The Question

Alright readers, you've waited for this. Finally, the answer to what confounded thing is making its home in the "hatch". But, I'm telling you you're not going to like it...

First off, if you forgot the riddle, here it is again:

"Hint: In a way, it's something you've never seen before. But in a way, it's something you see every day and are probably seeing right now.

My riddles driving you crazy yet?

Okay, another hint: It begins and ends with the same letter."

The Answer

Now remember Lostees: This is what I believe is the answer to the riddle—not necessarily what's in the "hatch". However, Kristin said the answer to the riddle is what is in the "hatch". So, with that said here it is:

—Before you jump to any conclusions, I'll explain to you why "EYE" is the answer to the riddle.

1) In a way, it's something you've never seen before. No one has ever really seen their eye. Maybe in a mirror, but that doesn't count. In a mirror you see the reflection of your eye.

2) But in a way, it's something you see every day You see with your eye every day. Or, you could interpret this to mean you see other people's eyes

3) It begins and ends with the same letter. "Eye" begins and ends with an "e".

The Much-needed Skepticism and Speculation

(This image always gives me the creeps:)
—Eyes have always been a sort of theme on "Lost". From Locke's black-and-white eyes in Claire's dream to the opening of many episodes and flashbacks with a close-up on a character's lens, eyes are everywhere. Now, I'm not exactly sure what form an eye would take in the "hatch". Does it mean the "hatch" is the "eye of the island" or will we find a human eye down there? Is Kristin throwing us a red-herring? I honestly don't know, but I will say that there seems to be nothing else that fits the riddle.

In other news

Below is an image of a new castaway, Ana Lucia. She is the millionare (hmmm. And Artz is—err—was Skipper, Locke is the Professor...)that Jack met at a bar. She turns up from the back of the plane.

Season 2 Clip!

To view a clip from season two visit OceanicFlight815.com. You will have to unlock it. If you can't figure it out, just post a comment about it and I'll reply with some help. To read a short summary of the clip scroll down to under my signature.

Locke creates a rope system to lower Kate down into the Hatch. Kate and Locke exchange a few words. Kate is lowered into the Hatch. The rope system breaks. Kate falls into the hatch. A knife is heard—then a scream—then silence. A great light shines out of the Hatch.

Sorry for the long post.

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Mesquita said... 7:56 PM  

Hello, I'm also a Lostralian, and i come here to ask you if you can send me the picture of Locke with the black and white eyes to my email... (see in my profile please...)



Anonymous said... 8:07 AM  

Hi. I am new to Lost and can already see how addictive it can become. Before I go completely over the edge, should I leave immediately, before it's too late??


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