Vincent News

Just a little Vincent news:

I've heard rumors that Vincent will play a big part in the next season. If you will recall, Vincent is currently in possession of Shannon. Also, Shannon will see Walt in the jungle. However, when she comes back and tells the other castaways, they think she's hallucinating.
Will Vincent find Walt in the jungle and bring him to the other survivors?

Quite a while ago, I've also heard that at some point Vincent might get a flashback. This will in some way show why Oceanic Flight 815 crashed. However, this is very unlikely to happen.

To newsletter readers:
The Lost Fan Blog has recently had a technical error when sending out posts to readers through email. This problem has been fixed. Please visit The Lost Fan Blog to read any posts you may have missed.

Site Update:
At the top of the Left Sidebar there is a link to an excerpt from Season 2.

For sheer interest: A Jin-centric episode in Season 1 was named " Translation". Creatively enough, the name of Episode 5 of Season 2 is "...and Found." It is also Jin-centric. You will note that the term "Lost" can be inserted into each passage to make a well-known phrase.

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