Destination Lost

Two Words. Journey Remake.

On September 21st at 8 p.m E.T., ABC is airing a special "Lost" episode which will depict, chronologically, the events from Season 1. It will be called Destination Lost. This will basically recap everything that's happened on the island, focusing on the main characters. There will also be a flashback here or there. I would imagine it to be pretty much identical to Season 1's Lost: The Journey special, with the addition of later events in the season. After the special, at 9:00, Lost will air the much anticipated Season Premiere—Man of Science, Man of Faith. For more scoop on the premiere see the left sidebar.

Yes, this is the left sidebar:

Hurricane Relief Signing

To raise funds for victims of Hurricane Katrina, the cast of "Lost" will be signing autographs from 12 to 2 P.M. on Saturday at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Resort and Spa. Also, cast photos will be given out to early arrivers and other merchandise will be presented to top benefactors. Donations will be recieved by the Red Cross.

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