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Early on, Jack found some skeletons and a pouch containing black-and-white rocks. Explain. ''The black-and-white stones have been a recurring theme in the show,'' says executive producer Damon Lindelof (e.g., Locke's favorite board game, backgammon, and the mysterious Black Rock). ''We know who those skeletons are, what their story was, and what they were doing with those stones. But that's a question we won't be answering this season.''

Sawyer's backstory intersects with the Jack and Shannon/Boone histories. Does his pre-island life converge with any or all of the others? ''No comment,'' says Lindelof. ''But we'll see, before the end of the season, why he popped up in Boone's flashback.'' - -

Earlier this season, someone knocked out Sayid while he was trying to operate the plane's radio. Who did it, and why? ''You will find out within the next three original episodes, definitively,'' Lindelof says. ''They will find the person, and that person will confess to having done it.'' - -

What's Locke's motive for keeping the hatch secret from the other castaways? ''His motive is revealed soon,'' says Lindelof. ''Everything Locke does he believes is in the best interest of everybody. That's all I'll say.'' - -

Will Michael's raft set sail by season's end — and who will be on it? ''All I can say is, how much would it suck if it didn't set sail?'' asks Lindelof. ''Wouldn't you feel ripped off? I sure would! As to who is on it? Well, the roster ain't set. Yet.'' - -

Charlie was hooked on heroin. Recently, Locke and Boone found heroin on a plane. Discuss. ''One of the things that has made Charlie's ability to kick the habit so easy is that he hasn't had any temptation,'' says Lindelof. ''Reintroducing temptation is part of our intent. The good news, for now, is that he doesn't know that the plane is out there.'' - -

'Trying to find greater meaning in the numbers is the direction we are going to continue in for the rest of season 1,'' says Lindelof. ''Hurley doesn't know that the numbers are on the hatch — what happens when he finds out that the numbers are on the hatch should be interesting. Wouldn't you think?'' - -

Jin worked for his brutish father-in-law; what exactly was his job title? ''He was the executive assistant in charge of finger breaking,'' jokes Lindelof. ''People always ask, 'What's Jin's problem?' There are a few missing pieces that will make it even clearer by season's end why he's acted the way he's acted.''

-Entertainment Weekly

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