Mr. Artz and Danielle Rousseau

ABOVE: The above picture is a promo picture for Lost episode 21 "The Greater Good." Circled is an unidentified castaway who appears at Boone's funeral---offering flowers. Although about nine of the characters in that picture are unidentified, this one is especially important because it appears we may have seen him somewhere... says that Daniel Roebuck's character name will be Mr. Artz.

ABOVE: An image of Daniel from
NOTE: If you can't make the connection between the two persons then click on the promo picture to see larger. If yet you still remain unseeing...then maybe I need vision correction.

Also look forward to appearences from the "French Lady" Danielle Rousueau, played by Mira Furlan in the Finale.

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Anonymous said... 12:51 PM  

I'm wondering if anyone else has noticet the comic book that Walt was reading in an earlier episode?
It appeared lalso in the final episode while they were on the plane. I believe it is a Japanese comic and it has a Polor Bear on the back cover.
Is "Lost" the same story as in the comic?

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