We know what they mean....but what the heck are they?

...the Numbers? Here's an interesting explanation by Jim

“It’s not radiation -- it’s NANO-TECHNOLOGY. The black rock near the radio tower is a nanite hive. The nanite or nano-bots ride the carrier wave of the radio transmitter. It’s a weak signal, so they can’t go very far. The ano bots repaired locke’s paralysis, and also gave “Ethan Rom” great strength and seeming indestructibility. The nano-tech could also make a dead man appear to walk again. And could also make the “monster” manifest at certain times. Possibility exists that the nano-tech “virus” could be thought controlled. The bunker that Locke had uncovered with the numbers : I stick by the idea that this is an observation or camera bunker of some sort. The numbers are perhaps a project number. Bottom line: A government experiment out of control.” —Jim

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