Pandora's Box

Maybe if you saw what was inside, you'd know why it has to be secret. Inside this very box is the most secrety secret in all of secretdom, and I am its sole witness! Its a heavy burden, Spongebob but nobody must know the mystery of the box. Nobody! Not even Squidwards house.--Patrick

Finally the hatch theory! Okay:
Maybe the hatch relates to the Greek Myth--Pandora's Box. The story goes: Pandora was given a box from the gods. She was forbidden to ever open the box. However, her curiosity got the best of her. She opened the box and out came evil, mischief, and plagues that will contaminate humankind forever. She shut it, but it was too late. The only good thing that the box produced was Hope.

In "Numbers", Lenny cries out to Hurley as he is dragged aaway from a room the mental institution, "You've Opened the Box!"
He was referring to "Pandora's Box." he meant that all the evil of the curse of the "numbers" had fallen upon Hurley. The numbers were engraved on the "hatch."

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Anonymous said... 7:34 AM  

um could you tell me who's painted it ?

Anonymous said... 10:00 AM  

Pandora's box was actually a jar, seems like Jacob may Pandora be Pandora and the island the jar.

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