A Time To Kill?

In episode 15, "Homecoming", Locke, Jack, Sayid, Sawyer, and Kate tried to ambush Ethan by using Claire as bait. The plan worked. After a struggle with Jack, Ethan Rom was clearly outnumbered and had 5 guns to his head. Before they can try to get answers out of Ethan, Charlie pops up and kills Ethan with about 5 shots.

Was Charlie justified in killing Ethan because he was avenging how he treated Claire and Charlie himself(and Scott)? Should he have simply just let them go and get answers out of him, with the risk he might escape before they could defeat him?

Posted byNick at 6:59 AM

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Drew said... 3:09 PM  

charlie was really annoying me in that episode. But i still loeved the episode.

Anonymous said... 10:45 AM  

regis said he thinks it's a dinosaur chasing them. But Michael fox was on the show and said it wasn't a dinosaur. he also said someone might die before the end of the show.

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