The Diary

[Click here to be directed to a mysterious online diary at
---The diary appears to be a combination of the characters on lost simply relating the events revolving around the character it is mimicking,]

UPDATE: The diary has now been removed from ABC's "Lost" page.

Posted byNick at 5:23 PM

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Anonymous said... 6:15 PM  

hi "mr. bloggerson" its joe mac and ur website sux (just kidding) it really sux (kidding again) i like lost and ur website is koolio cya at skool !!!!!

Anonymous said... 6:19 PM  

hi/uuummmmmm i'm a huge fan of urs mr bloggerson and i wonder if u could e-mail me ur autograph ? its

sincerely: shaq

p.s.: (just kidding) joe mac

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