Left Behind

Wednesday, April 4 at 10/9c

Kate is left to fend for herself in the jungle with Juliet. Meanwhile, Hurley warns Sawyer that he faces banishment if he doesn't change his selfish ways.

Posted byNick at 9:18 PM

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James F. McGrath said... 1:08 PM  

I have a longer treatment on my blog (http://blue.butler.edu/~jfmcgrat/blog/) but I thought I’d express my view that Juliet does not appear to have been 'left behind' in the sense of forsaken. She has been left behind with a mission. Did anyone notice the flashes of light that prevented the smoke monster from getting her and Kate when they were under the tree and had been spotted? She hasn’t been abandoned (she had the key to the handcuffs, for crying out loud!), she is there to accomplish something for the Others.

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