Biblical Names

The oft-mentioned Jacob isn't the only person on "Lost" with a name borrowed from the Old Testament. Here's a list of people I can think of that have a "Biblical" name:

1. Benjamin Linus - Benjamin is the youngest son of Jacob in the Bible
2. Aaron Littleton (Claire's baby) - Aaron is the brother of Moses
3. Jack/Christian Shepherd - Jacob is a shepherd in the bible, (among other prominent characters). Also, Christian could be a reference to Christianity.
4. Isaac of Uluru (healer from flashback in season 2)- Isaac is the son of Abraham and the father of Jacob.
5. Dave (Hurley's imaginary friend) - King David
6. "Adam and Eve" (skeletal remains found in season that are given this nickname) - Adam and Eve are the first man and woman created by God in the Bible.
7. Rachel Burke (Juliet's sister) - Rachel is Jacob's wife.
8. Rachel Blake (daughter of Alvar Hanso, protagonist of The Lost Experience) - idem.

With this in mind, maybe the true identity of Jacob can be revealed through a Biblical clue:

1) Jacob is Isaac of Uluru or his son.
2) Jacob is Rachel Burke's husband.
3) Jacob is Christian Shepherd.
4) Jacob is Ben's father.

1) In the Bible, Jacob's wife Rachel, died while giving birth to Benjamin. — Women who have become pregnant on the island have died.

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Ryan Wilson said... 8:25 PM  

I think Rachel Burke is too young to have a son Ben's age, though I always thought that Jacob was Ben's father, and I also think that Jacob's still alive.

clod said... 5:57 PM  
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clod said... 5:58 PM  
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clod said... 5:59 PM  

Para mi Rachel Burke es la esposa del ex novio de Kate. Tom (así se llama) aparece en el capítulo 22 de la primera temporada.

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