Official Lost Podcast Summary

Reader Drew has provided a summary of the Official Lost Podcast (Downloadable via iTunes)

There are spoilers. Read at your own risk.

1. There is a special Stephen King reference hidden in Every Man for Himself (they didn't say but my money is on the bunny).
2. As for implications of the second island, they said only that escape would not be as easy as originally thought.
3. In the Glass Ballerina, Jae did commit suicide. They said the mystery surrounding Jae's death was unintentional.
4. They mentioned Sawyer's daughter Clementine but said nothing definitive about her.
5. There are two major outcomes of Colleen's death: the x-ray picture that Jack noticed and that Pickett, Colleen's husband, might seek some vengeance.
6. Cost of Living is an Eko story and someone significant will die.
7. They plan to do the break in the middle of the season thing next year as well.
8. The polar bears escaped during the collapse of Dharma like the lions at the Baghdad zoo that escaped during the fall of Baghdad.
9. The bears have eaten 20 people so far (said in a we might be joking but you don't know type of way)
10. No, Ben is not "evil because the polar bear stole his toy truck when he was little."
11. As the hatch began to implode a vacuum was created which heated the particles of air and created a subsequent explosion.
12. Charlie was not directly involved in the explosion.
13. Eko will not wake up blind.
14. Yes, Kate does love Sawyer.
15. There is a good possibility of discovering a gay character on the show. 4 to 1 odds.
16. They are currently writing episode 10, which will be a Hurley flashback.
17. When characters don't know who died, Scott or Steve, it is just an extension of the same old gag. There is no large significance to the Scott/Steve thing.
18. The turbine man from the pilot was Gary Troupe, the author of Bad Twin.
19. Paulo and Nikki will be in episode 3.05.
20. The show will eventually answer the question of what all the other survivors are doing while Jack and company are going off on their adventures. It would "make a good episode."

Once again, special thanks to Drew.

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