Eko's time has come

The cloud of black smoke that likes to eat people has finished off our "talie" friend, Mr. Eko. Eko, the pseudo-priest, Jesus stick tough guy, has went through some tough situtations, as we have seen in his past. He's been through hard decisions between right and wrong (kills some dudes), attempts to carry on his brother's life, and gets his share of hardship on the island as well (whacking a couple of Others, not talking for awhile, getting blown up in a "hatch", fighting a huge cloudmonster, I'd say that's pretty intensive). In the end, he gives in to the monster, perhaps in acceptance.

The new duo on the cast, Paulo and Nikki, don't seem very interesting initially. Hopefully this will not be the case next week, but if so, the monster can artz them.

Lostlinks has shut down.

Posted byNick at 7:44 AM

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