"A Tale of Two Cities": Initial thoughts

Post-episode rough outline of my ideas and the little things I noticed...

1. Henry Gale's name is Ben. In the first few minutes, Juliet refers to him as Ben. His name is revealed again when they are talking at the end of the episode.

2. There's an underwater hatch called Hydra, originally for dolphins and sharks (possibly the DHARMA shark from "Adrift").

3. It seems like Juliet and Ben had broken up.
-Juliet is teary-eyed in the opening shot.
-She doesn't think Ben will like the book in the book club.
-The final scene is a little awkward.
-In reply to Jack's threat to kill Juliet, Ben says "Okay."

4. Polar bears were most likely kept in Sawyer's cage in the past.

5. Like the survivors, The Others have their own little "city", hence the title. (I hope I got this metaphor right.)

6. The Others anticipated the plane crash, and had some sort of plan to spy on the survivors. We know that they got the list of names from Ethan and Goodwin.

7. From Juliet's knowledge and since the Others already knew the names of Hurley, Kate etc., it seems that they could have information about all of the survivors besides Jack.

8. An unknown person (called Carl) tries to help Sawyer escape with him, and is forced to apologize to him after they were recaptured. Here's an idea: Walt appears much older in the boat from the last finale. Maybe the boy is one of the children they captured in the Tail Section, now older, depending on what they did to him.

9. The underwater hatch must be near where Sawyer and Kate are because Juliet can get between them very quickly. (Assuming that the scenes took place at the same time)

10. A lot of other stuff...

11. We still have no idea what's going on.

How it ranks against previous premieres

"Pilot: Part One" - 9.8
"Man of Science, Man of Faith" - 9.5
"A Tale of Two Cities" - 9.5

Nothing can compare to the first episode. It got me hooked on the show, so I give it a just reward. "Man of Science, Man of Faith"'s first thirty seconds are so amazing that it completes the last season and lays ground for the episodes of Season Two. "A Tale of Two Cities" also has a "whoa" opening, and an interesting episode. Like the last premiere, it's a bit confusing and leaves a lot of questions. However, I think it kicks off Season Three by introducing the main topic...The Others.

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bloggerdad1962 said... 7:02 AM  

I don't think Juliet and Ben were or are a couple. I think Juliet is a little uncertain about her role on the island and that she is beginning to have second thoughts about her work. A love/hate relationship between her and Jack seems very obvious and maybe she will eventually turn against the others.

Juliet has a nice CD collection. The song downtown was sung by Petula Clark. Did she still severe the muffins that fell on the floor? Did she ever get her plumbing fixed? Ethan appeared to be the plumber and we know what happened to him.

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