The Glass Ballerina

Here's the official episode summary of tomorrow's episode:

Sayid places Sun and Jin's lives in danger while trying to locate Jack, while Jack gets a tempting offer from his captors.

Click here for a preview showing Sawyer, Kate and an Other. ABC calls it "A Shocking Situation" and you'll see why.

Posted byNick at 9:26 PM

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Lost said... 1:36 PM  

I want the season 3 every day Lost

Sblogger said... 5:31 AM  

Kate and Sawyer - oh my god! How good!

I made a quiz for this episode too. It has 20 questions of varying difficulty, plus a bonus worth double points.
Lost Season 3 Trivia

Nick said... 2:31 PM  

Cool, I'll do it when I have a few minutes.

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