Lost - Off The Island

Today I came across a Bamferproductions.com. Apparently, they have been working on a fan-made film called "Lost - Off the Island".

The movie is about Chase Jackson, a private investigator searching for his brother Scott Jackson, who has disappeared on Oceanic Flight 815.

There's probably a bunch of people out there making "Lost" fan movies and writing "Lost" fan-fiction, but this looks like it has potential. Just look at the set pictures on their production journal and see for yourself. It looks really cool!

"Off the Island" Links
Teaser Trailer

Posted byNick at 7:44 PM

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bamfer23 said... 10:37 AM  

Hi there!
I came across this site while looking at my Google Analytics stats, and saw you guys refered to our site!
Thanks for posting about our project, and for saying those kind things about it! I hope you enjoy the finished product!
- Jeff from Bam Prod

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