General News: August 5-14


Lost Magazine Issue 6 is released. It's a lengthy $9.99 "yearbook" about season 2 with interviews, clues about season 3, and more.

Lost is the world's second most popular show. (source) The top ten list also inclues CSI:Miami, Desperate Housewives, and The Simpsons.

Lost Season 2 DVD price is slashed!

Lost pics on your phone.

Lost Action figures

The Lost Experience:

Learn about Apollo Candy.

Hanso site is "hacked".


Yunjin Kim plays golf.

Matthew Fox stars in We are Marshall.

Kiele Sanchez is added to the cast and will play a character named Nikki. (source)


Visit Spoilerfix for recent "Lost" spoilers. I won't post them here, because not everyone wants to be spoiled.

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