We've Seen Kelvin Before!

In "Live Together, Die Alone" we met the figure on the left, Kelvin Inman. (Kelvin was living with Desmond, who later murdered him.) But this isn't the first time we've met Kelvin. He is the same person as Joe Inman, from Sayid's flashbacks. J.I. was the CIA Operative who taught Sayid to torture during the Gulf War. Apparently, J.I. joined the DHARMA Initiative afterwards. He was assigned to the Swan Station with "Radzinsky". Why Joe Inman was later known as Kelvin Inman is uncertain.

It is possible that they could be identical twins; however, that is unlikely because Kelvin mentioned that he was once in a war.

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Posted byNick at 2:07 PM

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Anonymous said... 5:09 PM  

not to burst your bubble...but
I kinda figured that one out on Wednesday nite.....

Anonymous said... 1:23 PM  

when desmond asked kelvin why he left his army, he replyed by saying, "because people followed my orders" do you think that has anything to do with him getting Sayid to torture his friend?

Andres Palma said... 2:01 AM  

Maybe I'm wrong, but I recalled that when Joe Inman left Iraq after teaching Sayid how to torture he took a photo off his shirt, presumably of his girlfriend... and as far as I remember, that girl did look like Kate... didn't she?

LostDamery said... 1:20 PM  

Hello anyone? He was only called Inman in the show...TV guide called him Joe his name is really Kelvin but not revealed in the Sayid episode....TV guide is the culprit for naming him Joe Inman.

lostfan said... 8:13 AM  

Thought you might like this site that I found yesterday at the Lost-Forum.com site.

Lost Mysteries

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