Quick Episode Thoughts

Awesome episode! I hope they tell the castaways some stuff that's going on. It seems whenever people find a new "Hatch", meet "Black Smoke", etc.. everyone else doesn't find out. For example, Hurley didn't even know what happened to Libby.

But more importantly, Locke and Eko found a new "Hatch". Personally, I didn't buy Eko's thoughts on pushing the button. I had thought that "The Swan" was a psychological experiment, but had no clue that it might be watched. I think that pushing the button is just part of the experiment and won't do anything.

We have a date: 1980. Also, the man in the video appeared to be Dr. Marvin Candle—under a different name. I can't remember the name, but perhaps it is an anagram.

Remember the Medical Hatch? The islanders found it abandoned, but only a short time earlier, Claire had been taken there. Maybe its possible that "Others" were down in "The Pearl" through some back entrance and had abandoned it later.

I doubt that Jack will catch on that Libby's last word was meant to identify her killer, but if and when they all find out what Michael did, he's in trouble.

I find it very coincidental that the plane landed exactly on the question mark. Maybe the hatch has some sort of magnetic field.

Also, this new hatch seems to be more modern than "The Swan" because:

1) It had a videotape instead of a projector.
2) TVs
3) Date of 1980

Also, we keep seeing how Dharma seems to be abandonded in the hatches we've seen. But: 1) Why was there new food in "The Swan"? 2) What's with the new washer and dryer?

Previews Thoughts

I noticed atleast two new faces in the previews. There was a Moses-like fellow and an African woman. The Moses-like fellow seemed like a disguised "Other", whereas the African women seemed more civilized when speaking with Michael. This is reminding me of the theory that they are more than one sect of "Others".

At the end of the previews we see a shocked look on the faces of the castaways. I'm not sure exactly why, but I had this eerie feeling that they were looking at either: 1) more losties from the plane 2) "Others" or other people. 3) Or, just thought of this, Desmond's coming back. Just my instinct.

Posted byNick at 10:21 PM

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Anonymous said... 3:15 PM  

I'm pretty sure the anonymous feller was Zeke, Mr. Friendly, you know, the Other dude with the beard and knitted cap.

I'm also pretty sure that The Pearl is just another part of the experiment. That's why there was a camera watching the watchers. Either that, or there was never anyone in the Pearl, it is just there for other hatchmates to find and test their reactions.

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