Not yet...

Thought I'd let ya know:

Libby isn't dead, yet.


Posted byNick at 5:46 PM

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MJ said... 3:20 AM  
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Nick said... 2:51 PM  

I've corrected a mistake for this post. I needed a quick short post to test something and I didn't want to post nothing. I've added the spoiler banner and will try to avoid omitting it in the future. Also, any posts that have vulgar and offensive comments will be removed. Criticism will remain.

MJ said... 7:32 PM  

Very diplomatic criticism:

After this, I will never visit your blog again. I posted yesterday out of anger. I'm not usually like that.

Dude, don't post spoilers like that. You think we should know? We can wait an extra week to know. This generally isn't a spoiler blog. I didn't want to know that, I wanted to see the episode for myself.

The graphics up the top (ie the cast photos) are weird. You need to crop them properly.

Stop using unrelated images (such as video covers for 'Two for the Road'). I don't know why, but you come off as really immature when you do that. Normally I give this site kudos. Now it's just another place I need to stay away from if I want to avoid spoilers.

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