"Lost": The Soundtrack

Ever wanted to own the mystifying music that plays during every episode? Now you can buy the soundtrack for "Lost" at Amazon.com. This collection contains the following songs:

1. Main Title: Composed by J.J. Abrams
2. The Eyeland
3. Worldorst Beach Party
4. Credit Where Credit Is Due
5. Run Like, Um... Hell?
6. Hollywood and Vines
7. Just Die Already
8. Me And My Big Mouth
9. Crocodile Locke
10. Win One for the Reaper
11. Departing Sun
12. Charlie Hangs Around
13. Navel Gazing
14. Proper Motivation
15. Run Away! Run Away!
16. Wefriends
17. Getting Ethan
18. Thinking Clairely
19. Lockeut Again
20. Life and Death
21. Booneral
22. Shannonigans
23. Kateotel
24. I Got A Plane To Catch
25. Monsters Are Such Innnteresting People
26. Parting Words
27. Oceanic 815

The Lost Experience: A new website was featured in last night's Hanso Commercial. Go to http://www.letyourcompassguideyou.com/.

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