Dickens and Challah

"On last night's "Lost," which closed the island mystery's second season on ABC, a crucial plot development hinged on a copy of the Charles Dickens novel "Our Mutual Friend." (Readers who do not wish to know the particulars of the finale should stop here.)"...Read all

While reading through the article you will come across the following paragraph:

(There was a huge explosion, and if Desmond had not activated a backup system, Mr. Cuse said, "It might have led to, ultimately, sucking everything on earth into itself.") And what crashed the castaways' plane? (It was a casualty of the only other instance when the button was not pushed on time.)

There had been some question as to what would have happened if Desmond hadn't activated the backup system. Cuse is implying here that the magnet would have sucked everything to itself.

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