No "Lost", not even a rerun! :-(

No "Lost" will be aired tonight, and the next new episode has a few weeks to go. :-( However, instead, a two-hour episode of Alias will run, which ironically has "S.O.S." in the title, one week after a "Lost" episode with the title "S.O.S." Silly prank by J.J., methinks.

Afterwards, tune in for an ALL-NEW episode of Invasion, America's favorite "Lost" ripoff. Ahem. [Sorry, I haven't actually seen an episode, so I shouldn't be talking.]

Perhaps, I can console fans who were anticipating "Lost" tonight by providing a BIG spoiler. Seriously. You stand forewarned. Scroll down, if you embody such valor.

The season finale will be a two-hour event called "Live Together, Die Alone". And, aye, Desmond will be in it. The episode will flashback to Desmond pre-crash, where he is given a boat by Libby! On the island, he is dragged to the hatch after being spotted on the beach. Also, whereabouts unbeknownst, Desmond will be in a jail. Widmore, Vincent, and Dr. Candle appear.

I warned you...

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Here is some ground breaking news that might be of interest to "Lost" fans.

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