ReRun, Run, Rudolph

Tonight's episode, Whatever The Case May Be, airs at nine. (From ABC:) A briefcase may contain insights into Kate's unexplained past, the rising tide threatens to engulf the beach and fuselage, and Rose and a grieving Charlie bond over Claire's mysterious disappearance.

Tonight's episode is NOT NEW and reruns will continue to be shown until March, 22.

Posted byNick at 2:43 PM

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Peaches said... 8:53 AM  

I am personally getting quite upset with all the reruns; enough already. Is it really that hard to have a new episode. I mean we are trying to follow a story line here and we get one new episode and then 3 reruns. Please!! We had a new episode during the Olympics.
What do we need to do is start writing to the producer of the show?
I know in my home if we find out it is going to be a rerun we will not watch the show, since We already know for a fact that ABC will rerun them all summer and more then likely have a DVD of season 2 out by June anyhow. How many of you are with me on this?

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