Otherize me, Cap'n!

After watching Maternity Leave I created this little theory to explain some stuff. There are details I can't explain or back up but I hope you'll grasp the general meaning and maybe build on it.

In this episode we see that Zeke (or Mr. Friendly, or Degroot, bearded man...take your pick), is in coalition with Ethan. Zeke says that "He" won't be happy because Ethan didn't have the list or something. We realize that Zeke is not the one in charge as we formerly assumed.

Ethan injects Claire's baby with a needle—the same kind of needle used by Desmond upon himself!

Desmond is an Other. He asked Locke: "Are you Him?" Desmond has never seen the leader of the Others and only refers to him as Him. He sees someone enter the Hatch one day that he has never seen and inquires as to whether he is the leader. He asks him the "Snowman question" as a security question to make sure he is an Other.

Desmond realizes that he is not and flees to someone Other-inhabitated place like the Medical Hatch.

It seems that all the Others have some sort of mind powers: Zeke, Goodwin, Ethan, Desmond, Henry Gale

I think the needle that they inject themselves with gives them the powers. They want to raise Claire's baby to be an Other. The needle that they used on the baby is keeping it Otherized.

They also have Walt for the same purpose.

Random and Relevant:

Ethan has Claire drink water that she claims is "sour"...but does not drink it himself.
Alex seems to be with the Others but somehow is not an Other herself.
Michael...where is he?
Dharma is connected Oceanic: The Degroots in the video were seen with the Oceanic symbol on the shelf of their bookshelf. The Dharma symbol is on the plane. The planes in Aaron's crib had Oceanic planes on it.
The dream Claire had in Season One involed the crib we saw in this episode.
What are the black and white rocks we saw in Season One?
Polar Bears?
The Truman Show?
Zeke and the rest of the Others used the theatrical glue, etc... to dress in a "tribal" way.


Sorry for my rambling. I just finished watching the episode and wanted to get a few of my thoughts down. I'm always welcome for comments.

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Posted byNick at 10:41 PM

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Mike said... 10:08 AM  

I agree with your "Truman Show" line of thought. Though not a reality show but a controlled experiment. I've ALWAYS thought there was something suspicious about how Jack wakes up perfectly on his back, apart from the rest of the survivors in ep. 1. Almost as if he was placed?

;) hmmm...

New Kid on the Blog said... 4:47 AM  

The idea about Desmond being an Other is interesting (in connection to the injection and stuff). Never thought about that. However, didn't he say that he accidently came to the hatch and just followed the orders by this guy called Calvin?? I personally think Desmond is just a normal person like the Losties. If he were one of the Others he certainly wouldn't have run away from the hatch.

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