Best. Episode. Ever.

Whoa! That episode was great! As Comic Book Guy would say, "Best. Episode. Ever." Finally, my prediction has come true—Henry Gale is [most likely] an Other. We found a balloon and a grave of Henry's wife...wait...actually of the man whose identity he stole.

There was a giant image projected on the roof of the hatch. I think it could be a map:

Above, the lower left hand corner text says (I think) "I am here." There seems to be pictures of other pathways, hatches, and texts. I have a hunch that perhaps Desmond or Kelvin might have been using this map secretively. That would explain why it's not always visible.

Cooper faked his death and watched his funeral. I'm starting to think he could be the "Real Sawyer".

Jack wins a few hands a poker and some fruit and drugs.

Did you miss Nadia? She was the girl who purchased a home from Locke in the flashbacks.

Will Locke let the timer run out again to see if the blue light reappears? Did the timer run out? Perhaps Henry typed in a different code or did something to the we have to be watchful of the actions of Henry Gale.

And that's all for now.

"It’s the answer key to a math test that we all get at the end of season two. You know, like one of those Scantron sheets." - Jorge Garcia on the "numbers of LOST" in a MAXIM Interview

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