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Reader Mamhy asks:
Can you explain how Hurley maintains his weight when Richard Hatch on "Survivor" came out so slim and trim after only 39 days?


An anonymous reader asks:

How does Hurley stay so fat on bananas etc?


I've been wondering that myself. However, I doubt this is an error by
the writers because the Official Lost Podcast mentioned the following

The Walt story will be resolved this season. In future flashbacks, we
will get more answers about Jack's past. We will soon know why Hurley
hasn't lost any weight.
We will get more information about the hatch,
what's behind the magnetic wall, what happens when we don't push the

Since this is the "Official" podcast, I figure we'll find out the
answer to your question soon.


Reader Madam from Brazil asks:

Hi, I´m a fan from Brazil and I download the episodes (as season 2 hasn't even premiered around here). Why did they show an old episode from season 1 this week? Is there any special reason?


A lot of people have been wondering that also and I can only surmise that perhaps it has something to do with this week's new episode. I don't know why they didn't just show the new episode last week, however.

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