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Actor Dominic Monaghan loves living in Hawaii where he films hit TV show Lost, but admits he is still confused by the local language and customs.

The British actor was recently taken aback in a restaurant, when he feared he had horribly misunderstood the wait staff.

He explains, "There are a couple (of slang terms) that don't work for me.

One, specifically, that doesn't work for me is they refer to appetizers in restaurants as 'pu pu'.

"The combination of what you do in the toilet and what you do in a restaurant

- it doesn't go that well.

"When I was first there (in Hawaii), I sat down in a restaurant and they said, 'Would you like a drink?' and I said, 'Yeah.'

"Then they said, 'Would you like any pu pus?' I was like 'What type of restaurant have I walked into?'

"It's a little bit surreal, but I love Hawaii, it's great."


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