Missing the Obvious

In The Long Con, the previews hinted that the timer in the Hatch would reach zero:

However, clever fans spotted that the actual timer is NOT the same as the one in the previews:

Notice the spaces and the size of the rectangles...they are definately not the same timer. Does this mean we will see a new hatch?


Posted byNick at 2:42 PM

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Anonymous said... 11:46 PM  

same timer framed to not show the seconds

Nick said... 10:14 AM  

That's what I had initially thought.

However, notice that in the first image there are spaces between the squares.

In the second image they are all next to each other with no spaces between them.

Anonymous said... 11:57 AM  

The first timer has a black background with white numbers. In the second the zeros are black on a white background.

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