Egyptian Hieroglyphics and the End of the World


And so begins the epic, the sensational, the novel and spectacular...compilation of theories and thoughts regarding the symbols portrayed on the timer in the "hatch".

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Scene of the Spec'

Jack pins Locke to the door of the gun closet, forcing him to somehow open the compartment...meanwhile the timer is decreasing in number...


Locke hurriedly types in the numbers...and enters just as the following Egyptian hieroglyphics flash on the timer:

Egyptian Hieroglyphics

One should note the similarity of the denoted symbols to that of the below ones. We can for the time being assume that they are Egyptian hieroglyphics because of their likeness to the Egyptain word below.

Whether this is important or not...I feel that it is atleast worth mentioning that the color coding is interesting. The combination of black-on-red and red-on-black may have some importance should not be overlooked.

The symbols have been identified to mean the phrase "cause to die" in Egyptian. This is assuming the blurred second image is a swirl.

Inconspicuous Hieroglyphs

But other symbols were also seen while the timer changed to show the ones I've mentioned before.

The first symbol can seemingly be translated.

Hmmm...does this relate to the Others need for children.

All the other symbols shown are seen below.

Some of these can't easily be identified as hierogylphics. Can the symbols mean something else?


Some people theorize that the symbols all relate to constellation Apollo. Apollo was also the name of the candy bars in the "Hatch".

End of the World

What would have happened if Locke hadn't made it? I thought I heard the sound of "revving up" when the symbols were shown. Where was this coming from?

Did Locke "just make" it? Or did the "End of World" actually begin?

Did the Others somehow cleverly place Henry Gale (the captive) as a mole for the soul purpose of distracting the castaways out of pushing the button?


Will the castaways ever have the guts to play around with the timer and peek behind to see the symbols? Did Locke notice the symbols? Will he tell the others? Will he look himself?


...and so concludes the post. If you have anything to add please post a comment.

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Travis said... 8:52 PM  

Interestingly enough, the god Apollo represents order, harmony, and civilization, and was born on an Island.

Check it out:

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