Sarah and Desmond

We know that Desmond was preparing for a race around the world when he met Jack. After the encounter, Jack saved Sarah's life. Then they wedded. Sarah isn't too happy with the marriage and meets "someone". Meanwhile, Jack meets a girl named Gabriella. They split up.

The day that Jack and Sarah broke up, Sarah was hurriedly packing. Maybe she was packing to accompany Desmond in a "race around the world". Also, she could be pregnant. Sarah would have left with Desmond and arrived on the island with him.

When they arrive on the island, Sarah is taken by the "Others" because of her baby. Desmond meets Calvin in the "hatch" and alternates time pushing the button with him. Then, Calvin and Desmond go searching for Sarah but the "Others" kill Calvin or infect him or something. Desmond returns to the "hatch" and is to too scared to leave or to stop pressing the button.

One day, Desmond sees someone type "Hello?" on the computer. He replies and realizes that it is Sarah. She tells him that she has given birth to a baby and the "Others" have taken it captive.

When Jack and Locke arrive, Desmond is paranoid because he thinks it is the "Others". He realizes that it is not and forms a plan. He convinces the castaways that pressing the button will "save the world". He knows the true reason for pushing the button but does not tell them. He is however, afraid to have it run out to 0. When he is convinced that they will push the button he runs off...either in search of Sarah...or to his ship to sail home.

I've also heard that he takes along a picture of girl...perhaps it is Sarah? He surely would want to keep that not only for obvious reasons but also because he doesn't want Jack to notice it.

Michael walks over to the computer and sees someone type "Hello?" and "Dad?". The person on the other end is not Walt but Desmond and Sarah's three-four year old baby most likely being aided in typing by Sarah.

Of course much of my theory is probably very flawed...especially the end. Also, I can't quite make out the meaning for the question "What did the snowman say to the other snowman?". Did "Are you him?" mean he was asking if Locke was his son? That would explain why he didn't ask Jack. But ofcourse, that Desmond would think he son would be as old as Locke is unlikely. Feel free to add to this theory (or debunk it!) by posting a comment.

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Posted byNick at 3:19 PM

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Babba said... 10:14 AM  

A very interesting theory. But one thing that bugs me alot is the X-ray picture and the date. If the picture is a clue it must mean that - with your theory - Lost is in the future, like in 2008 or 2009.

I'm referring to your theory about Jack and "Sarah's three-four year old baby most likely being aided in typing by Sarah" the text "Hello?!" and not Walt. If that's true the series must be held in the future.

Hope that it didn't confuse you all to much!

/Babba from Sweden

Nick said... 3:49 PM  

It's possible, we'll just have to wait and see. Don't forget to watch "Lost" tonight!

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