November 16, 2005

^The x-ray from last week's flashback. Click on it to view it in a larger size.

Notice that the date on the image is November 16, 2005. Therefore, (if you use your common sense effectively you will realize that) the crash must have happened on a later date. Also, the castaways have been on the island for approximately fifty does this mean? Each week's show is set in present time or even the future!

This goes without saying that "16" is a "number", along with 4, 8, and 23 which also appear in the x-ray image.

Thanks to John Gatto for this information!

---Add up the numbers to the safe combo:
3 X 25 (right)=75
1 X 29 (left)= 29
1 X 4 (rt) = 4

Posted byNick at 2:14 PM

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The LOST Numbers said... 12:16 PM  

Javi (writer/producer) on The Fuselage said that the date was a production error much like Jin's resume in ...And Found. Still funny that it's a 16 though.

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