Back in Black

Although the title fails to link the allusion of AC/DC's Back in Black to "Lost"...think of the alternatives(Back in Jack, Back in Hatch, Back in Hackensack). Nevertheless, "Lost" is coming back! And here's what it's bringing:

^Sawyer makes a glare as Kate cuts his hair.

Prepping for the eppy

1. Basic Information

The episode is entitled The 23rd Psalm and will feature the mysterious "Mr. Eko" from the tail section. It will air at 9:00/8:00c, right after Lost: Revelation (8:00/7:00c)

2. Episode Clips

At you can preview 5 clips from the episode.

Watch the Preview Clip by clicking on the words The 23rd Psalm under the header Next on Lost.

3. Spoilers

01/04 - Mistaking Shannon for an Other, Ana Lucia killed her. So it's not a shock that the fuselage folks have been a little apprehensive about the tail-section survivors joining their camp. Those feelings intensify on January 11 when the imposing Mr. Eko learns Charlie's got a Virgin Mary statue, and demands the recovering junkie show him where he found it. That means a trek back to the downed Beechcraft full of heroin and a dead Nigerian "priest." "Eko [is] connected into the story of the drug plane," says executive producer Carlton Cuse. "People are curious about where that plane came from. We're gonna explain that." And what's Eko been up to with that big stick he's always carrying around? Reveals executive producer and cocreator Damon Lindelof, "He's carving Scripture on it." Remember the monster? We last saw it in May's season finale, when it appeared as a slithering mass of black smoke. "We will be seeing the monster in the January 11 episode," Lindelof says. Indeed, one character will have an up-close-and-personal encounter with the thing so viewers will get a better, longer look, too. Source: TV Guide (Printed edition)
12/21 - Master Sgt. Crystal L. Anderson was an extra in a filming of LOST in Hawaii. She played a member of a church congregation. The scene was designed to depict the mental flashback of a character in the show named Mr. Eko, played by veteran actor Adewale Akinnuowy-Agbaje. Per an interview with a local army newspaper, she says Mr. Eko is "king of the warlords" in Nigeria. He enters the church with other warlords and asks his brother, a minister in the church, to ordain him as a minister. Everyone is frightened, knowing Mr. Eko's reputation, and the church is cleared, so only two warlords, Mr. Eko and his brother, are left. Source: The Transmission
12/21 - Guest starring are Adetokumboh McCormack as Yemi, Ronald Revels as Goldie, Pierre Olivier as Olu, Kolawolfe Obileye, Jr. as young Eko, Cynthia Charles as Nigerian woman, John Bryan as thug captain, Ellis St. Rose as priest, Moumen El Hajji as tough Moroccan, Lawrence Jones as lead soldier, Olekan Obileye as young Yemi and Achraf Marzouki as Moroccan no. 2. Source: ABC
12/15 - Mr. Eko interrogates Charlie about the Virgin Mary statue, Claire begins to lose faith in Charlie when she discovers his secret, and Jack is an interested observer when Kate gives the recovering Sawyer a much-needed haircut. Source: ABC
11/29 - Mr. Eko's upcoming flashback episode, titled "The 23rd Psalm," will shed more light on why the character took a 40-day vow of silence on the island. And producers promise more info on that stick. "It has its own flashback," [Damon] Lindelof quips. Source: TV Guide
11/28 - Eko-centric. Source: SecretAgentMan at TWoP
More Spoilers...

4. Promos has very good Promotional Pictures. I suggest you scan them for clues. Beware though! These won't necessarily show up in the episode!

5. Sustenance

Get a good night's sleep so you're wide awake tommorrow. You don't want to miss a second if something important happens. Also pick up some snacks.

Trust me, this one will leave you thinking all night long.

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