Angelus Kaduna

Angelus Kaduna? has long remained a "pseudosite" claiming to be the homepage of Oceanic Airlines, the television-created fictional airlines company featured in "Lost". Unlike many others, this one is NOT fan-created and is run by the good people who bring us Lost, or more specifically, the people they hire to maintain it. For some time the site had embedded mysterious and quirks—such as the "numbers" on the front page. However, as of late, this all seems to have vanished to be replaced by a simple Google search for the terms "Angelus Kaduna". In my opinion, these terms will relate to the next episode because many of the webpages (the results of the Google Search) refer to topics such as the Virgin Mary, Nigeria, and the Church.

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Posted byNick at 12:07 AM

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Ryan Wilson said... 10:37 PM  

What about

Nick said... 5:20 PM  

It appears just to be an ad-based site created mainly for profiting from people who click on the links. I doubt it's affiliated with "Lost" or have anything to do with the show.

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