Theorize While You Wait

If you've ever blown off your real friends to spend time with your fictional TV friends, you probably have no trouble believing that television is the great social isolator.

But with the proliferation of conspiracy theory-styled television message boards, hordes of fans can gather together for below-the-CIA-radar theorizing. Good news for television series' fanatics looking for a sense of community, bad news for loved ones looking to reclaim their kin when a show goes on hiatus.

Take ABC's popular series Lost. The show is on hiatus until Jan. 11, but message boards are alive with theories. On the J.J. Abrams-sponsored, you can join in on a teeming debate about whether or not Sayid was briefly glimpsed as a war prisoner on a TV screen during Kate's flashback and, if so, what it means.

Fans also can't resist speculating over Lost's endgame. TV squad recently completed a poll, in which fans judged the island to be the former site of a chemical/biological/nanotech project gone wrong, among competing theories that included the inhabitants all being dead or stuck in another dimension. Read More...

---So get theorizing!

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