Season One DVD Easter Eggs

Some Easter Eggs for Lost Season One owners:

Distress Call:

Go into the 'Episodes' section and highlight the Main Menu selection. Press RIGHT and a dot will appear to the left. Press ENTER to listen to the French Woman's distress call.

Alternate Opening Credits:

From Main Menu, hit UP or DOWN until "Tales From the Island" is highlighted. Press LEFT and a cursor will go next to 'Disc 7'. Hit ENTER to see an alternative opening credits sequence.

Alternate Version of The Climb:

On Disc #7 in the 'Bonus Feature' section choose deleted scenes. Now, choose 'The Climb" and press your SELECT or PLAY button. Then press your LEFT button three times. The first two will get no response but on the third a dot will appear on the screen, lit up as a selection. Press your ENTER button and you will see a hilarious alternate version of the end sequence of "The Climb."

Locke's Orange:

On Disc 7 (the Bonus Disc), access the 'Tales From the Island' option. Once in there, press RIGHT until the lock get's highlighted. Press ENTER to reveal a sequence of takes with Locke smiling with the orange in his mouth.


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