Season 2 Boxart?

The above image is rumored to be the boxart for the Season 2 DVD. Personally I would approve of it and love the green tint. However, this promo might be more likely as the center image. It has the same structure as the Season 1 DVD image and portrays the new tailies.

Some things I would like in the Season 2 DVD set that I probably won't see:

10. Special extra DVD with all six Dharma videos.

9. Enclosed "numbers" lottery ticket.

8. Mention of The Lost Fan Blog in a commentary...

7. Enclosed Apollo Bar. Eat at own risk.

6. Plush Polar Bear Beanie.

5. A special extended edition of "The Other 48 Days".

4. A CD with songs such as "Make Your Own Kind Of Music" that have appeared in episodes.

3. "Numbers" hidden all over the case.

2. A commentary by J.J. Abrams, where he must include atleast three spoilers for Season 3.

1. The Sawyer Song!

---Sawyer, Sawyer, Locke!

Posted byNick at 8:04 PM

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