Ramapo Mountain Indians

I apologize for any harm this post has caused.

Posted byNick at 6:43 PM

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Anonymous said... 10:37 AM  

Once again, here we are getting the same old racial overtones. I am an enrolled tribal member of the Ramapough Lenape Nation and I am sick and tired of people like you perpetuating false information about usIf you are going to have a blog, why not read up on your subjects before printing this crap! You should be ashamed of yourself.

Anonymous said... 12:00 AM  

If you had done your research instead of coping what other's said. You would know a Defreese was listed on the 1776 NY military roll as a tappan indian. His desendants make up some of the ramapough indians. Another indian man named manis signed several deeds in the early 1700's in the ramapough mountains. His present day desendants the manns are still there. The degroats are known as native americans and are in several tribes today. Just ask a Stockbrige-Munsee and Brothertown tribal member. All of the Degroats oringinated in the Ramapough mountains. As early as 1685 Cheif Katoona is listed on a deed as the Ramapo Sachem in westchester ny. Read up my friend and verify your sources!!

Anonymous said... 6:25 PM  

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Anonymous said... 6:15 PM  

publishing lies about us on the web is grounds for a slander lawsuit. If you don't have proof of these aligations, I suggest you remove this story or i'll be calling a lawyer.

Anonymous said... 6:57 PM  

I am also a Ramapough Native American, and I find through all my surfing that these bloggers are not interested in anything that sounds like the truth. After all their blog would not be juicy and thrilling. I notice that the blogger cannot exist unless they have a fantastic thriller to peak their readers' interest, and of course the readers's have pea brains, so they believe whatever someone else feeds them. Remember that caucasian people have been brainwashed their whole lives, and they are not capable of deciphering the Truth for themselves. Just watch them on the news. A newscasters will say something one day, and the next day they are all repeating it, no matter how crazy it sounds. Look how they all believed every lie that came out of George Bush's mouth. I say to my Ramapough brothers and sisters, don't let what they say bother you. They are an ignorant group of people that have nothing else to do with their lives but sit around and type in stories about people that they know nothing about. This is what they do, and you cannot change ignorance. Most of them are still angry because of the way their ancestors raped and pillaged our lands, and they don't even know why they are so hostile and angry. Remember they called us the savages, but guess who the real savages were. We did not come into their country and kill up all of them, they came into ours, and now they are so afraid that one day we will rise up again and take it back. So even though they choose to pretend that we do not exist, let them all continue to think that way, because we know who we are, and someone else defining us does not change one bit of our genealogy. They took our country, but they cannot take our Spirit, and that's why we have survived this long. So God Bless all you people that get your freak on by bad mouthing other people. I'm am sure that our Creator has a special reward for all of you in do season.

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