^PB-SALES is a fictional website that claims to be the homepage for management of various companies.

PB-Sales is a pseudo site that has some fictional relationship to a show, particularly "Lost". In this case it is meant to be the homepage for the management of various companies, noticeably, Oceanic Airlines (The fictional company that owns the plane that the castaways were on). Little references to the show can be seen scattered around the site—such as the "numbers" popping up in company phone numbers. My personal favorite is the name of the webmaster on the front page: Vincent Madison—A combination of Walt's dog's name and the actual name of the dog who plays him.

Other pseudo sites include MegaLottoJackpot, Mr. Cluck's, and Dharma Industries. Oftentimes it can be difficult in distinguishing fan-created sites from "canon" or official pseudo sites.

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Chris Procter said... 11:05 AM  

the other companies purchased by PB Sales are:

Merrick Biotech – The Company featured in “The Island “

YOYODYNE PROPULSION SYSTEMS – A front for the bad guys in Buckaroo Banzai

GEOCOMTEX – A Company owned by Van Stratton from Dr. Who


DAYSTROM DATA CONCEPTS – The creators of Data in ST:TNG

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