Are you him?

In "Man of Science, Man of Faith", Desmond queries Locke, "Are you him?" Locke attempts to keep a straight face and replies affirmatively. Then Desmond asks, "What did the one snowman say to the other snowman?" Locke doesn't know the answer and it appears that he is not "him".

Perhaps the person that Desmond was expecting was the Dharma replacement. Maybe replacements memorized the answer to the snowman question so that Dharma scientists could distinguish brethren from intruders.

Maybe Desmond was expecting Kelvin, who had not really died like he said. Kelvin could have merely left one day for something and never returned. Desmond would have assumed he was dead until Locke and Jack arrived. Being paranoid, bored, and sleep-deprived he would see if Locke was Kelvin.

And finally, suppose Desmond was expecting someone he talked to on the computer. It could be an Other, a Dharma Scientist, or even Walt...

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