Apollo 815

When we see the food in the "Hatch" nearly every item was of the "Dharma" brand or of no brand—except the box of candy bars. The candy bars were called Apollo. Anyway, a Thefuselage.com forum user, Diablo, thinks this may be a clue.

Diablo figured out that there are 6 constellations associated with the sun god, Apollo.

And they are...

Cygnus -- The Swan -- Wouldn't you know...the very logo of our "Hatch", Station 3.

Sagitta -- The Arrow -- The Tailie's "Hatch's" Logo.

leaving still yet to be discovered ...

Corvus -- The Crow (sometimes called The Raven)

Crater -- The Goblet -- (remember the crater from Danielle's map?)...also, a reader pointed out that the Hanso Foundation website housed this image for a short while before taking it down. If this bit of evident is legitimate then we may definately be onto something.

Ophiuchus -- The Serpent Handler -- (he is holding a large snake)

Orion -- The Hunter, "Does he have a Belt?"...nevermind my bad jokes....

---Thanks to Sheba, Diablo, and an anonymous commentor for this information.

Posted byNick at 9:31 AM

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perlundquist said... 2:12 PM  

You seem to be on the right trail, but not everything is what it appears to be.

I am attempting to upload another presentation to the server, however things are getting a little more difficult on this end as the outbreak is near the end of its course. Without that distraction, I am retarded in my ability to move sensitive information to the Hanso server. Rest assured, I will find a way to move more information out, even if I have to find other means to do so. In the mean time, continue digging at thehansofoundation.



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