Some of you may be familiar with But for those of you who aren't, it's a site set up by ABC as a mock homepage for Hanso Foundation, as mentioned in the Orientation video. Basically, it's the homepage for Dharma and that freaky movie we keep seeing in the "Hatch". Well, the good people from ABC, Disney, and Lost decided to throw us clues there every so often. Want in? Click here and then click on the image of Alvar Hanso. Trust me, you'll be surprised.

Want a look back at the Dharma video? Go to the and click on Active Projects. Then move your cursor below the list and click on the words that appear.


Posted byNick at 10:38 PM

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Anonymous said... 7:26 PM  

I don't get the "mole" part or the letter

Nick said... 2:49 PM  

Neither do I.

Anonymous said... 12:11 AM  

Don't know if you'll saw, but a couple of things leaked out from the Hanso site recently, just before they updated to add the MOLE flash file.



Nick said... 9:31 AM  

I can't open the first file for some reason. I was, however, able to open the second image. I've never seen this before. Are you sure it was on the Hanso website?

Anyway, I did find out something very interesting about this...and I'm about to post it.

Anonymous said... 9:33 AM  

The first link should work as well, try it again. Link

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