The Greater Good

Read it while you can! Everything you need to know about tomorow's Lost episode "The Greater Good."Spoiler Alert: Do not read beyond if you do not want to be spoiled.

EPISODE 21: The Greater Good; (The Episode was orignially entitle Sides)
DATE: May 4, 2005


The flashbacks will all be focused around Sayid. It will involve the CIA and a suicide bomber. Apparently, we'll find out Shannon and Sayid have something in common.

Island Summary:

Claire believes someone is going to take her baby, and is pleaded to get some sleep. This leaves poor old Charlie to take care of the unnamed baby with the help of Hurley. Unfortunately for them, it throughs a big tantrum. For some bizarre reason, Sawyer is the only thing that makes him stop.
Boone also has his burial ceremony--during which, Locke shows up. He confesses that Boone's death was his fault. He tells them about the mysterious plane, and the transciver. He say that Boone was a hero. Jack doesn't like that. He attacks him on the spot, screaming at him. The other castaways hold him back before he gets rough.
Sayid once again puts his interrogation skills to the test as his gets Locke to tell all. Some of the reasons behind Locke's actions are revealed. It turns out Locke just wanted the greater good for all his fellow castaways.
Meanwhile Shannon plots an assasination of Locke and decides to take matters into her own hands.........

---No, I think Shannon stole the gun from the briefcase and went through a Charlie Pace face. She's gonna take matters into her own hands.

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