The Truth is Revealed

Interesting enough the pilot is going to make a return. We thought he was dead, but we thought Shannon was dead....

The pilot (played by Alias' Greg Grunberg) returns in the season finale. I'm thinking we might get to see what happened on that doomed plane pre-liftoff. Source: Ask Ausiello @ TVGuide

Polars bears, boars, out-of-work French lady, that explains alot.

A cargo plane shipping zoo animals also crashed on the island once. Source: The Fuselage

Hmmmmm. supernatural

Jack's Father's body WAS on the plane. Source: The Fuselage

I doubt it, it's alread the second half of the season, and Sun seems to be in the upcoming episodes due to promos.

In the second half of the season: Sun will mysteriously go missing and the island monster will make a few reappearances. Source: someone named Mu

Note: Boone/Locke is probably a reference to the mysterious hatch.
Who will die? Producers say not Charlie. I'd rule out Charlie, Jack, Walt, Michael, Sun, Hurley, Jin, and Sawyer.

There will definitely be death before the end of the year, and it won't be a dream," JJ Abrams says of Lost. "And it's not going to be a new character that comes on and all of a sudden dies in that episode. Maggie tells me that her "love life is heating up. And also what Locke and Boone find is a pretty amazing storyline."Source: Kristin on E!Online

Sawyer talked to Jack's dad in "Outlaws." He also appeared in a Boone flashback. Related people on the island(Sun and Jin eg.) have also (obviously) seen each other in the past. Also, Jin appeared in a Jack flashback (i think) at the airport.

"...than you think." As Maggie Grace told me, "You'll see more of the connections between the characters and their pasts, and where our lives intersected before the plane crash."
Source: Kristin on E!Online

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